western states movers, llc.

we can move just about anything, just about anywhere


We are proud to share some of the jobs Western States Movers have been priveledged to do over the years.  Browse our gallery to get an idea of what we can do! Click on the name below to view pictures of these various jobs.

  • Hill Top House Move - we moved this challenging home from a hill top perch in three pieces.  This is a great job to see our "Machine" in action.
  • Shop Move - we moved a 40' x 100' shop.
  • Onion Shed Move - here we moved a 60' x 140' onion shed for our client.
  • Two Story House Move - we can move single level and multi story buildings.
  • The Machine - see our custom designed and fabricated Machine in action as it raises homes over fences, balances the home on uneven terrain and makes moving a house a whole lot easier, safer and without damage!
  • Desert House Move - whether mountain, desert or other terrain, Western States Movers can accomodate the terrain.
  • Back in the Day - with over 43 years experience in the house moving industry, we've learned a few tricks and tips that sets us apart from the competition.